EEF Report on EYFS/KS1 Maths

Improving Mathematics in the Early Years and Key Stage 1’ publication from the Education Endowment Foundation reviews the best available evidence to offer some important recommendations for developing the maths skills of 3 – 7‑year olds.

Maths is a key area of our work supporting parents. Helping them to understand how they can integrate maths into different daily activities. From getting dressed, having breakfast, to walking around the shops, there are natural opportunities to familiarise children with maths language and help children’s learning.

The publication also highlights that story and picture books can be a powerful tool for engaging children with basic maths concepts, while board games (such as Snakes and Ladders) are particularly beneficial to developing understanding of numbers. These are two further areas we explore in our programmes. Engaging children in play and learning which also develops opportunities for oracy too.

For many parents, maths can be a daunting area, which they lack confidence in. However, through our hands-on sessions, and toolkit of strategies that can be used with everyday objects, our aim is to make supporting children with maths really do-able.

The publication from EEF on the best available international research – and drawing on the expertise of teachers and academics – this publication is packed with examples and case studies to support practitioners.

The report is available here