Supporting Parents support their children across Liverpool

Whilst carrying out our bespoke programmes of support for families in the Millennium Centre, West Derby, we learnt about the wonderful work of a charity called West Derby Wastelands.

The charity’s origins go back to 1753. It was this year that certain lands in the West Derby area were leased to Trustees. The appointed Trustees were responsible for the proper care and attention of the properties and the lands under their authority, for the granting of leases, the collection of rents and also the distribution of grants. At that time, West Derby was sparsely populated and was an agricultural district with clusters of houses in the village. The original area of land comprised 231 acres. The initial charitable scheme was drawn up in 1874 and after selling properties in 1999, the current Trustees have invested the proceeds. It is the income from these investments that funds the charitable grants given today. The charity aims to help enhance, benefit and improve the lives, health, welfare and general wellbeing of people in the West Derby Waste Lands area which extends to parts of L7, L13, L11 and L14.

We were delighted to receive a grant which largely funded a transition programme at Ellergreen nursery in L11 for 5 weeks. As parents we know that the transition from Nursery to Reception can be as can be as nerve wracking and exciting for parents as it is for children. Our transition programme was held in a lovely classroom in the nursery school and saw 10 families come together so we could support them to further prepare their child in the best possible way for their journey into a new setting.

Engagement from parents at Ellergreen was amazing! Each session explored the most effective ways for parents to help their children be ready for the move to school. The programme also provided parents with an insight into the curriculum their children will follow and the numerous ways they can provide continuity with what is learned in school and how this can be practised at home. Parents were brilliant at sharing what they’d done at home and we can’t wait to put our impact booklet together to send to our families’ new schools. This is a great way for schools to see what their new reception pupils have been practising over the summer to be school ready!

We’ve loved partnering with West Derby Wastelands this term and look forward to a long-lasting partnership with this charity.

The photos give you a snap shot of how we spent our 5 weeks together!