Help Your Child Thrive EYFS – KS1

An evidence led programme for the parents/carers of children in early years foundation stage and Key Stage 1 which focuses on building a strong and lasting working partnership between parents and school. This helps parents to confidently support their children’s learning and development at the earliest stage, giving them the best possible start in life.


Evidence suggests that children develop quickly in the early years. Good parenting and high-quality learning together provide the foundation children need to make the most of their abilities and talents as they grow up.

Our programme shares with parents the knowledge and skills they need to create an enabling environment at home with their children where quality learning opportunities lay the foundations for good future progress throughout their school and life.



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As teachers, we understand the importance of providing practical strategies that parents/carers can confidently use at home to support their child’s learning and development. In our extensive work, we’ve found that parents want to support their child but don’t always know how to go about supporting learning at home for example with phonics or mathematics. Our 6 weekly sessions which are held in your child’s school or a local community centre, give parents the tools they need to help their child in EYFS/Y1 thrive. Each session, parents/carers are provided with practical tips, easy to use ideas and resources that can make home activities more effective and get young children off to a flying start they deserve!. Sessions are welcoming, relaxed, friendly and stress free.

For those caring for children with SEND, our ‘Help Your Child Thrive’ programme provides parents and carers with practical strategies that can be used across settings to help their children thrive in school, home and beyond. Consistency of approaches between home and school creates security, stability and maximises the potential for success and growth in children with SEND.

The programme provides an excellent link between home and school, building trusting relationships and great partnerships with families. Why not get involved today? For further details of the programme, please click on the link and get in touch!


Kerry was great in explaining how my daughter is being taught in class and gave us lots of learning games to play at home which my daughter has loved. It was great to share things with other mums too. I’m gutted it has come to an end but now I’ve definitely got the confidence to come along to more courses in school.

Hayley, Parent, St Monica’s Catholic Primary School.

Kerry and Andrea ran two parent programmes for us. They created a safe space for parents and carers to explore and learn, and they really valued the learning. Brilliant impact and we can’t wait to welcome a new cohort this year. Kerry and Andrea take full responsibility for the group and we really felt the programmes were beneficial to our families.

Marie Beale, Deputy Head, Whitefield Primary.

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