Help Your Teen Thrive Programme Key Stage 3

Our exciting new evidence- led programme for the parents/carers of pupils in year 7 to 9 which focuses on building parents’ efficacy to help them confidently support their children’s transition into secondary school, setting them up for a continued successful school life in KS3 and beyond.


Research suggests that parents and the wider family can play a key and vital role in the transition from primary to secondary school. Their continued support in helping children understand new routines and systems, building confidence and self- esteem, discussing their school day, checking on homework and promoting healthy peer groups all make for a smooth transition and have a positive effect on outcomes in secondary school.

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As teachers and parents of teenagers, we understand that the transition from primary school to secondary school can fill parents with a mixture of emotions such as excitement and anxiety. Children leave the familiarity of primary school behind as they adapt to their new setting with its new systems, routines and expectations. They are often taught new subjects in a number of different classrooms and negotiate new peer groups. We know the key role the family plays in a child’s/teen’s secondary education and are passionate about giving parents/carers a real insight into secondary school life, providing practical tools, tips and strategies to ensure a smooth transition and sustained progress throughout the teenage years.

Our sessions run once a week over 5 weeks and are held in your child’s school or a local community centre. Each session helps parents/carers discover ways they can further support their child/teen with self-regulation, self-esteem, confidence and overall wellbeing. Parents/carers are given insight into the school curriculum, school routines and expectations and how to encourage children/teens to have positive peer networks.

With a sound knowledge and understanding of the curriculum, our secondary school teachers provide parents with practical tools and strategies to support their children’s/teen’s learning at home, helping them to thrive in school. Sessions are welcoming, relaxed, friendly and stress free. Parents/carers leave with lots of easy-to-use oracy, literacy and numeracy activities to try at home!

For those caring for children with SEND, our ‘Help Your Child Teen’ programme provides parents and carers with practical strategies that can be used across settings to help their children thrive in school, home and beyond. Consistency of approaches between home and school creates security, stability and maximises the potential for success and growth in children with SEND.

The programme provides an excellent link between home and school, building trusting relationships and great partnerships with families. Why not get involved today?


After working with a group of between 7 and 10 families for 5 weeks, we’d expect to see greater parental engagement, positive relationships and stronger partnerships between home and school. By anticipating the challenges around various transition points throughout the teenage years, schools and parents can work together to consciously build support so we can help our teens thrive!

Our impact booklets give a snapshot of how parents engage in sessions, how their knowledge, understanding, skills and habits have a positive effect on their child’s/teen’s outcomes in secondary school.

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