National Lottery Eurovision Grant

We’ve been successful in securing a grant from through the national lottery and Eurovision to deliver our bespoke EuroCommFest project. The project was a great success and gave people the chance from L14 to come together for a series of events over two weeks to celebrate European and Eurovision heritage through music, culture, language, literature,
food and dress.

Eurovision fever for me started early when I realised that Rylan was on my train from London to Liverpool on one Saturday night before the song contest. I couldn’t resist asking for a photo and he was so very obliging!

Our EuroCommFest Project brought the community together in true Eurovision style through a series of events where families from diverse cultures including Ukraine, Poland, Iran, Africa and Liverpool came together to learn about each other’s heritage, traditions, food, dress, language, literature and music in a fun, relaxed and festival atmosphere..

Our food tasting event went down a storm while we were treated to an Iranian dish with THE most delicious rice as a staple. We all loved it! We explored how food plays a significant role in shaping cultures. It reflects personal beliefs, values and traditions.

Bringing people together as we all tasting each other’s food, had the effect of building relationships and making existing relationships even stronger, promoting social and behavioural health. This was great for overall wellbeing as different groups began to understand why certain foods are sacred or why certain foods can only be eaten under certain circumstances. We were told that this may even encourage the community to cook in a new and exciting way!

The Eurovision contest was created to bring about unity. Our project represented the spirit and cultural heritage of Eurovision as we paid particular tribute to Ukraine as our Ukrainian members of the group shared their heritage with us and their hopes and dreams for the future. Our Ukrainian flags were a reminder that we stand together with Ukraine.